Construction Updates 1/19/2024

1/19/2024: Work accomplished this week…
North Wing

  • Continued MEP rough-ins throughout.
  • Continued hanging and finishing drywall within units and along corridors on all floors.
  • Began framing and hanging drywall soffits along first floor corridor.
  • Continued priming and painting walls/ceilings within units on first and second floor.
  • Continued installation of resident unit casework.
  • Began installation of pre-hung doors and door trim in second floor units
  • Completed installation of main water line along first floor corridor.
  • Completed waterproofing balcony decks above conditioned spaces.
  • Continued installation of exterior façade.

South Wing

  • Continued MEP rough-ins throughout.
  • Completed installation of patio doors.
  • Began installation of gas piping.
  • Began excavation for new connector foundation to Commons building.


  • Continue finishing drywall within formal dining room and bar area.
  • Completed installation of resinous flooring within staging kitchen areas.
  • Began hanging wood slat ceilings within formal dining area.
  • Continued MEP rough-ins at bar area.
  • Poured concrete on deck and began backfilling around perimeter of new IL apartment connector.
  • Began saw cutting new opening on lower level at new IL apartment connector.