Construction Updates 2/2/2024

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2/2/2024: Work accomplished this week…
North Wing

  • Continued MEP rough-ins throughout.
  • Continued hanging and finishing drywall within units and along corridors on all floors.
  • Continued framing and hanging drywall soffits along second floor corridor.
  • Continued priming and painting walls/ceilings within units on second floor.
  • Continued MEP finishes within first floor units.
  • Continued installation of resident unit casework in second floor units.
  • Continued installation of pre-hung doors and door trim in third floors.
  • Continued installation of exterior façade.
  • Began laying flooring with first floor units.

South Wing

  • Continued MEP rough-ins throughout.
  • Tied rebar and place concrete for new connector foundation to Commons building.


  • Continued finishing drywall within formal dining room and bar area.
  • Completed hanging wood slat ceilings within formal dining area.
  • Continued installation of MEP finishes.
  • Continued installation of interior storefront windows.
  • Began installation of food service equipment.
  • Began CMU block at IL apartment connector.
  • Completed installation of ceiling grid within staging kitchen.
  • Began installation of millwork outside of men’s and women’s bathrooms.
  • Began repair work within Bedford connector.